PlusGram | Super advanced telegram and no annoying ads

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Ghost Mode, Unlimited Pins, Sticker Confirmation Before Posting, Chats, Shading Date, Exact Number of Read Messages, Fullscreen Application, Multiple Forwarding, Advanced Forward, Forward Unnamed, Shared Contacts, Favorites, Verify vises before posting, change the font on the photos and dozens of other advanced features

Advanced Ghost Mode

In the spirit state, you can read the messages of others without having to tick the second one

Advanced forwards

Advanced Forward Modes, Unnamed, Multiple Forms Brings The Best Forward Messages For You

Hide chats

The professional ability to hide your chats with ease and display them just for you, a very functional and complete feature

Categorizing chats

Categorize messages and chats as individuals, groups, sub-groups, channels, robots and favorites that include your chosen chats.

Free Download

You can download software from the App Store for free and then use all the features in full and without limit.


The only free advanced telegram with no annoying ads can be downloaded and used directly from the App Store and Google Play.


☘Plug Gram

❣Just advanced telegram without annoying and free ads
For both ios and Android platforms

The PLUSGRAM, with the official number 658762, is directly connected to the official telegraph servers and has the ultimate in security for its users.

Always in progress

☘️ PlusGram * Always synchronizes with the latest version of the telegram and brings you the best and most advanced features.

❣️PlusGram always strives to provide the best functional and functional features for its users, and updates on their users in a timely manner.

Multi theme , Multi font , Multi language

 In this application you can use English and … in all the Features

You can also use free fonts and themes in this app for free.